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What’s more precious to you \u2014 the contents inside your wallet or the contents inside your laptop? If you’ve decided that Valentino Shoes Sale your cash, credit cards, and receipts are worthy enough to be covered in Comme des Gar\u00e7ons, shouldn’t your laptop be, too?

For Rei Kawakubo enthusiasts, November should be an exciting time: It was revealed at the Damir Doma show yesterday that Kawakubo has collaborated with Paper Rain (a maker of tech device pouches) for a collection of iPad and Macbook covers<\/strong>.

Says CEO of Comme des Gar\u00e7ons International, \”Rei’s done the prints. They’re coming out in November.\” While we don’t expect the same kind of lines as when the iPhone 5 came out, you can bet the queue that does form will be a whole lot better dressed. See you outside! (WWD)


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Good news, folks! French mainstay Claudie Pierlot has jumped the Atlantic and is now serving up its brilliantly tailored separates and collared dresses, in all their Parisian-chicness, over here in the U.S. of A. If you’re in NYC, Valentino Flats you can now shop at the 59th street Bloomingdale’s for this classic line known for its elegant, preppy staples, which don’t skimp on the je ne said quoi. If the line’s sister companies Maje and Valentino Rockstud Pumps Sandro are any barometer for how Claudie Pierlot will be received stateside, we’ve got high hopes that the line will soon be filling the closets of America’s most fashionable ladies in no time (ours included). Look out for a Valentino Sneakers Sale full U.S. e-commerce site soon as well.


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Alyssa writes: \”My torso is short compared to my legs, which makes things like crop tops more difficult for me to wear than other people. Is there a clever fashion trick out there I can use to get around my height?\”

With summer right around the corner, there are a bevy of hot-weather trends hitting the stores right now. Of them all, the ubiquitous crop Valentino Pumps Sale top is one of the most fun trend to try. In fact, women are demanding that it’s a right, as evident from the recent high-school protests about a girl’s right to bare her belly. From the protest and the ensuing conversations about it, we discovered a lot about society’s assumptions about girls’ responsibilities and boys’ apparent lack of them. But we also learned a much smaller lesson that applies to your situation: There are some very different definitions about what constitutes a crop top.

There’s a cropped top that looks a lot like a regular shirt, but hits most women at their hips. There’s a traditional crop top that typically comes with sleeves or a more conservative cut, but still shows off a healthy length of midriff. Then, there’s the sports bra \”shirt,\” which on many women can look like a Valentino Ballerina bra \u2014 but will hit you (and other shorter torso-ed ladies) at just the perfect spot.

This cropped tanklet from 3.1 Phillip Lim gives you two opportunities to bare some skin, via the abbreviated length and Valentino Sneakersthose peek-a-boo grommets. If you want to play up the crop factor even more, you can wear a pair of pants that feature a lower rise (look to It gals like Kendall Jenner, Taylor Swift, Gigi Hadid, and Vanessa Hudgens Valentino Flat Sale for inspiration).